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A Weekly Message from Ms. Whitehead, Principal

May 5, 2020

 Changes in Grading

Attn: Harmony Leland Elementary School Parents,

We invite you to provide feedback as part of our ongoing continuous improvement process. This allows us to make more informed decisions related to Title I School Improvement Plans and Family Engagement Policies. The survey results will enable our Title I Program to measure stakeholders’ perceptions and help target improvement strategies focused on student achievement as well as school and district effectiveness. The survey will be available through May 22, 2020. All responses to this survey will be anonymous. In order to complete the survey, please use the attached document or go to your child’s school website


District Survey




Harmony Leland School Survey




Thank you for your time and attention as we work together for student achievement.

CCSD Title I Department


Encuestas anuales sobre Título I


Lo invitamos a brindarnos sus opiniones y comentarios como parte de nuestro proceso permanente de mejora continua.  Esto nos permite tomar decisiones más informadas relacionadas con los Planes de Mejoramiento Escolar de Título I y las Políticas de Participación de la Familia. Los resultados de la encuesta permitirán que nuestro Programa Título I mida las percepciones de las partes interesadas y ayude a identificar estrategias de mejora centradas en el rendimiento estudiantil, así como en la eficacia de la escuela y del distrito.  La encuesta estará disponible hasta el 22 de mayo de 2020. Todas las respuestas de esta encuesta serán anónimas. Para completar la encuesta, use los enlaces a continuación o visite el sitio web de la escuela de su hijo(a)



Encuesta del distrito





Encuesta para la escuela primaria


Harmony Leland Elementary School






Gracias por su tiempo y atención mientras trabajamos juntos para el logro de los estudiantes.


Departamento de Título I de CCSD





Portuguese Email:

Pesquisas anuais do Título I


Convidamos você a contribuir com suas opiniões como parte de nosso processo de melhoria contínua.  Isso nos permite tomar decisões mais embasadas relacionadas aos planos de melhoria escolar e às políticas de envolvimento de famílias do Título I. Os resultados da pesquisa possibilitarão ao nosso Programa do Título I mensurar as percepções das partes interessadas e ajudarão a direcionar estratégias de melhoria focadas no rendimento dos alunos e na eficácia das escolas e do distrito.  A pesquisa ficará disponível até o dia 22 de maio de 2020. Todas as respostas a esta pesquisa serão anônimas. Para responder à pesquisa, use os links abaixo ou acesse o site da escola do seu filho

Pesquisa distrital





Pesquisa de Harmony Leland Elementary School





Step One:


Go to:


Step Two:


Complete: Online Registration


*You can register using most internet enabled devices


Our goal is to register your student efficiently and effortlessly through this safe and secure system. The enrolling adult can register all students in their family at one time. This tool will provide the convenience of entering information with the ability to save the work for later completion. If you have a current Cobb county student, you will need to use your ParentVue account to register additional new students. Current families that do not have a ParentVue account will need to contact their local school to receive a ParentVue activation code prior to completing the Online Registration for your new student.


Documents Needed:


Please upload the following documents.


State law requires a Certificate of Immunization (Form #3231) and a Certificate of Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutritional Screening (Form #3300) available from physicians or the Cobb County Health Department. Form #3300 must be dated within 12 months of the first day of school (August 3, 2020).


Proof of birth: A certified copy of Birth Certificate, Military ID, Passport, Adoption Record, a religious record authorized by a religious official, an official school transcript, or an affidavit of age. Social Security Card or Cobb County School District Waiver Form JBC-4. The social security number will be required by the state for students applying for the HOPE scholarship.


Two (2) proofs of residency (one of each) Home ownership documentation or lease/ rental agreement; and one (1) current utility monthly statement


Useful Links

Online Registration

Enrollment and Immunization Requirements

The Specials Connection

Week of May 11


Coach Brown &

Coach Muldrow

Coach Brown and Coach Muldrow’s

Physical Activity Lesson: K-2


Concept of Focus: I can throw and catch in self space

Academic Language: SELF-SPACE-The area around a person in where they are comfortable but feel uncomfortable if someone else enters.


  • There are two options for the warm-up. If you’d like, you can do both warm-ups.

    • Warm-up 1: Click The Link: Hokey Pokey

    • Warm-up 2: Name Workout- This time you will being spelling HARMONY LELAND. Do the exercise and number associated with each letter on the chart.

  • Activity 1 Locomotor and Manipulatives Card: Today we’re going to have fun exploring movement with Beans Bag or Sock Balls. Find some safe and grab a family member.

  • D.E.A.M. Activity: D.E.A.M. stands for: Read a book while doing wall sits.

  • Mindfulness Activity: Yoga- Choose three poses to perform with parents. Hold each pose for 30 sec to 60 sec.

  • Assessment: Use this activity log to track your physical activity minutes for 2 weeks. Have an adult sign their initials next to each day that you complete 30 minutes.

Coach Brown and Coach Muldrow’s

Physical Activity Lesson: 3rd-5th


Concept of Focus: I can keep an active lifestyle while staying at home from school.

Academic Language: Active Lifestyle: A way of life which values physical activity as an essential part of living; physical activity is a part of daily routines.


  • There are two options for the warm-up. If you’d like, you can do both warm-ups.

    • Warm-up 1: Dance to Trolls September: You find it on YouTube (The one with the P.E. teacher dancing in the classroom.)

    • Warm-up 2: Name Workout-This time you will be spelling the word HARMONY LELAND. Find the letters and do the exercise and the number amount associated with the letters.

  • Activity 1: Fitness Knowledge: Today you’re going to complete a series of 1-Minute Fitness Challenges.

  • D.E.A.M. Activity: D.E.A.M. stands for: Drop Everything and Move. Read a book while doing wall sits.

  • Mindfulness Activity: Choose three poses to perform with parents. Hold each pose for 30sec to 60sec.

  • Assessment: Use this activity log to track your physical activity minutes for 2 weeks. Have an adult sign their initials next to each day that you complete 30 minutes.


Students can use aluminum foil, wire or any stiff material to create a standing sculpture.  Remember a sculpture is a 3D object.  Have fun!!!!


Hey everyone!  Hope you are all doing well.

Musical Scavenger Hunt!

Music is all around us! Can you find sounds around your

home/outside that match each of these musical sounds?



1 presto (fast) sound:             ____________________

1 largo (slow) sound:              ____________________


1 high sound:                          ____________________

1 low sound:                       ____________________


1 long sound:                          ____________________

1 short sound:                         ____________________


1 forte (loud) sound:               ____________________

1 piano (soft, quiet) sound:         ____________________


1 leggiero (light) sound:          ____________________

1 pesante (heavy) sound:           ____________________






1 presto (fast) sound: running on the side walk

1 largo (slow) sound: a yawn


1 high sound:     Your little brother/sister  singing                    

1 low sound:      A train whistle


1 long sound:  The shower in the bathroom.                 

1 short sound: a ball bouncing


1 forte (loud) sound: A truck’s horn

1 piano (soft, quiet) sound: whispering   


1 leggiero (light) sound: baby bird chirping

1 pesante (heavy) sound: Frogs croaking


Fill a Ziploc bag with water. Use several pencils to poke holes through the bag without making a leak!

Join Mrs. Stewart as I virtually travel to various sites around the world! 

Trip to Aquarium.PNG

Click the picture.  Use the code below to access the lesson.

Aquarium Nearpod Code.PNG

During week two of Cobb Schools’ partnership with MUST Ministries, the District and non-profit have built a long-term solution to provide students with a 5-day supply of breakfasts and lunches at 8 school locations on Mondays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The first day of the meal distributions will be Monday, March 23. 

The school locations selected for the meal distributions include schools with more than 50% Free and Reduced Lunch populations.


Cobb Schools Food Service staff will make the food as it is provided by the District and MUST volunteers will distribute to students curbside. The meals can only be served to Cobb County students under 18 years of age, and students must be physically present.  

The weekly breakfast and lunch distributions can be sustained through the rest of the 2019-2020 school year or until Cobb Schools re-opens. However, MUST needs volunteers to help by giving food donations and to sign up here to help with food distributions at schools. Please join us as we help our community in need. 

Breakfast and Lunch School Distribution Locations from 11 am – 1 pm:

  • Acworth Elementary 

  • Bryant Elementary 

  • Campbell HS 

  • Compton Elementary 

  • East Cobb Middle 

  • Garrett Middle  

  • Osborne High  

  • Riverside Intermediate 


The new school locations will replace sites where food boxes were provided this week. 

Learn more

Resources for Cobb Families.PNG
District Coronavirus Guidance.PNG

Dear Parents,

      Teaching and learning will continue while school is closed at Harmony Leland.  Please access your child’s Digital Learning Plan and monitor their progress on the assignments.  Teachers will be available Monday through Friday from 9:00-10:30 AM via Class Dojo, Remind, and email.  Please contact teachers if you have questions. Continue to monitor the CCSD website for updates at  Dr. McKinney and myself will also be available if you need assistance.  Please feel free to reach out to us at and  We look forward to seeing the students when they return.  Please stay safe!



Angela Whitehead


Harmony-Leland Elementary Students: Eyrika B., Tyler C., Taniya M., Ashton E., Skyla H., Jordan H., Daren J., Kai L., Hailey M., Ethan T.  

“The 2020 Census counts every person living in the 50 states and will be completed online, by phone, or by mail on April 1st, 2020. The count is required by the U.S. Constitution and is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. Learn more about this year’s U.S. Census at”

HLES 4H Winners

Tyler C. - Sports, Tamiya D. - Geography, Skyla H. - Arts and Crafts, Kai L. - Wildlife, Jordan H. - Team Sports, JenCarlo A. - Engineering, Hailey M. - Historical, Eyrika B. - Individual Sports, Ethan T. - Wildlife, Daren J. - Outdoor Recreation, Ashton E. - Geology

Click below to find out how to pay fees online


Dear Parents:

Each year our district participates in the Georgia School Climate Survey process.  Below you will find a link which we encourage you to use to take a brief survey related to our school's climate.  We use the survey information to continually improve our school-wide processes and initiatives, so your feedback is not just welcome, it is needed.  If you do not have Internet access, please visit the Parent Resource Room to complete the Georgia Parent Survey at school.  We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to participate.

Thank you in advance for supporting our school in this manner.
Angela Whitehead
Principal, Harmony Leland Elementary

Georgia School Climate Survey :
Survey is available in English and Spanish

2019-2020 HLES PTA Board

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year, Ms. Charlotte Conyers, and our Classified Employee of the Year, Ms. Patrice Byrd!


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